The Top 3 Massage Training Schools and Their Courses

Call them massage training schools, masseuse schools, or even massage therapy schools, all these terms boil down to the same thing.

If you’re interested in pursuing your career as a masseuse, there are tons of options available to you. Be it online training services, community colleges that offer massage training, or schools dedicated just to educate people about massage therapy, there is a course available that works with your schedule no matter where you’re located.

However, if you’re opting to go for the best of the best, outlined below are some of the most top-notch massage training institutions for you,

1. Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy – Conveniently located in Newington, Westport, and Groton, Ct. CCMT offers a choice between two programs of different time frames that provide thorough and broad-based education in massage therapy.

The Available Courses are:

– The Two-Term Program (35 weeks)

– The Four-Term Program (70 weeks)

2. Massage Training Institute – Funnily, MTI is considered to be the MIT in massage therapies. Located in the UK, MTI is committed to educating people in all fields of naturopathy and natural health.

The Available Courses are:

– The Introductory massage course

– The MTI Holistic massage diploma course

3. Idaho State University – Located in Pocatello, ID. The University is well known to provide great educational massage therapy courses while focusing on all health-related studies.

The Available Courses are:

– The Certified Course

– The Associate Degree Course

Aforementioned are some of the schools and their respective courses that are pledged to provide you tremendous support and ensure that you have a successful future as a masseuse.

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